Strategic Technical Planning for Broadcasters


Skywaves formally objects to the new FCC FM translator interference rule
Over 850 applications were filed in the January window for AM stations to file applications for new FM translators.
Effective date April 10, 2017.
2016 window translators may be moved again.
LED tower lights can save money on power, but many are invisible to the Night Vision Goggles used by the Coast Guard, civilian operators like Medevac helicopters, and the military.
Save some birds, save a little money - but only if your tower is at least 450' tall.
In its Rural Radio proceeding (MB Docket 09-52), the FCC placed new limitations on community changes. A recent release clarifies some of this.
Want to change your station's community in order to do an upgrade? You must read this.
Many FM broadcasters may benefit from the ongoing downgrades of under-height Class C stations.
With the digital conversion of broadcast television, many stations in the NCE reserved band below 92 MHz may upgrade their facilities.
New power to visualize FM upgrade potential.
The FCC now allows two-step minor-change upgrades and relocations.

About Skywaves

Skywaves specializes in facility upgrades for FM stations, along with creating new FM Stations via Non-Commercial / Educational (NC/E or NCE) filing windows, and FM Auctions. 

Skywaves offers decades of expertise in the Canadian and Mexican border areas in addition to extensive knowledge and experience in the core US areas. In the border regions, different rules apply, and specialized knowledge and experience are required to maximize your signal.

New FCC rule changes have given stations additional flexibility to improve their situations. Only an experienced consulting firm like Skywaves can provide your station with the  maximum benefit from those changes.

New non-broadcast technologies, such as Internet Telephony and Podcasting, can have serious impact - for good or bad - on the operation and financial situation of a broadcasting business. Skywaves provides insight and analysis on new technologies as they effect broadcasters.

New broadcast technologies can impact stations even more critically. Currently important issues include new interference modes to analog FM stations from digital FM stations, potential new interference from translators and LPFM stations, and potential competition from new Internet broadcast technologies like Wi-Max.

Skywaves' principal consultant, Dave Doherty, is a former owner of five radio stations. He has been a leader in technological innovations in broadcasting and aviation technologies. Dave has worked on uncounted FM allocation situations since 1971, and he has provided many upgrades for stations in "hopeless" situations. Dave's bio is online here.

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