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Skywaves formally objects to the new FCC FM translator interference rule
Over 850 applications were filed in the January window for AM stations to file applications for new FM translators.
Effective date April 10, 2017.
2016 window translators may be moved again.
LED tower lights can save money on power, but many are invisible to the Night Vision Goggles used by the Coast Guard, civilian operators like Medevac helicopters, and the military.
Save some birds, save a little money - but only if your tower is at least 450' tall.
In its Rural Radio proceeding (MB Docket 09-52), the FCC placed new limitations on community changes. A recent release clarifies some of this.
Want to change your station's community in order to do an upgrade? You must read this.
Many FM broadcasters may benefit from the ongoing downgrades of under-height Class C stations.
With the digital conversion of broadcast television, many stations in the NCE reserved band below 92 MHz may upgrade their facilities.
New power to visualize FM upgrade potential.
The FCC now allows two-step minor-change upgrades and relocations.

The FCC has announced January 25 as the opening date for the very last window for new FM translator applications for AM stations.
The FCC has announced July 26 as the opening date for the first window for new FM translator applications for AM stations.
The FCC has finally released the initial details for the 2016 modification windows that will allow AM stations to buy and relocate FM translators in2016.
AM owners, translator owners, engineers, attorneys and brokers must read this!
The next two years will be pivotal, starting right now!

Skywaves provides unique analysis tools to help AM station owners and FM translator owners connect.

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2,799 applications for new LPFM stations were released by the FCC.  We have the list, and you can download it.
The long-anticipated 2013 LPFM aplication filing window is now behind us.
The filing window for new LPFM stations will occur in October.
The FCC has dismissed thousands of translator applications from the 2003 filing window. This should free up a lot of spectrum for LPFM proposals. We have the list!
New 2/8/2013 - We just added the list of surviving applications, as well!

New LPFM rules and 2003 translator application procedures.

The FCC makes it official:  Except in limited cases, parties cannot propose changes to unbuilt / unapplied-for allotments.
One channel is opened up across the middle of  Long Island from Center Moriches north.
An analysis of the effect of the Local Community Radio Act of 2010 on the Pittsburgh, PA area, and on a channel in West Virginia.
A report on the "Local Community Radio Act of 2010" and the potential creation of many new LPFM stations.
The FCC has formally adopted rules that require all stations to upgrade or replace their EAS systems by June 12, 2012.
AM Stations on FM!
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